As the new one in Buffalo and at work, everyone talked to me a lot about how good the food was and how the unique décor made it a fun place to go to at least once a year. In terms of food, Faso's lived up to my expectations...

Family owned and authentic homemade Italian food. Nice sized portions and very reasonably priced. This is the kind of restaurant that I love -- about as opposite to a chain restaurant as I can imagine. We went there because I had a coupon, but we most certainly will be back.

Puebla, Mexico

It certainly doesn't look like anything special when you see it from the street, especially considering the surrounding area, but the menu is absolutely amazing for the size of the place. Tons of Italian dishes, and other local specialties, such as a a Friday fish fry and roast beef.

The interior is kind of "funky" with some random stuff on the walls (signs, doll collections, etc). And it’s kind of small inside, but the prices are cheap, and the food is good comfort food. Their slogan is "Food so good, you'll think we stole your momma!", and I have to agree with them.

Ron S.

Thursday afternoon, I met friends from my former school for dinner at Faso's. The chicken parmesan was excellent, and, unlike my previous visit a year ago, the sauce on the side of pasta was delicious."

I met a few friends for an early dinner at Faso's. My eggplant parmesan was good, but the accompanying pasta was incredible....

Went to Faso's with friends for an early dinner on Tuesday afternoon. The Chicken Parmigiano was excellent and a real bargain.

Restaurant Guide Italian [AFN] Buffalo, NY

They are the most misjudged restaurant in Buffalo . Why?

1) They have one of the largest menus around with the best Italian dishes ever, made from scratch.

2) They are reasonably priced.

3) The portions are wonderfully generous.

They also serve beer and wine. For 27 years, Faso's has been pleasing every customer that has walked through their door. Open from 11 a.m. to 9 p.m. Saturday and Sunday, they are easy to get to just off the I 190 North or South. Try Faso's and you'll know why they say, "Food so good you'll think we stole your momma."

Article Written in the Dining Section of the Bee Newspaper

What a fun experience! I recently dined at Faso's because it was on my list of Italian restaurants to try. I had not known much about it, but the little I did know was positive. 

As far as first impressions go, I could not believe my eyes! Faso's is festive! On a mid-April evening, we were greeted with holiday cheer! Gaudy, lavish, tawdry, yet AwEsOmE on so many levels. I was smiling ear to ear! How funny is that? Sure, some people might be freaked out, but what is so bad about that? My mother said that the garish chandelier reminded her of something you'd see in Miss Havisham's house. Totally. cool. Supposedly, they do not like to take the decorations down every year, and they decided to leave them up! If you saw the intricacies and abundance, you wouldn't want to do it either. 

Everyone was wearing smiles, and the people gave off a great vibe! The server was a doll, and was very knowledgeable, and down to earth. The food is all homemade by "mom." Everything is made to order and if a guest has any special requests, "mom" can usually accommodate it. The menu is very large, and there were various seafood dishes and other Italian dishes you can't get at other Italian restaurants. The linguine with clams was fresh and delish, and the "little knots of heaven," the name given to their bread knots by pleased customers, were warm and melted in your mouth! I also tried their pasta e fagioli, which I get it at many restaurants, and it was the best I've had in a long time! 

Some of the items that they have on the menu that are not served everywhere include: tripe, braciole, carbonara, gnocchi, etc. 

I have to add that the cannoli was yummy. The filling was creamy and homemade. One of the better ones I have tasted. 

I had no complaints about Faso's! Even their placemats were adorable!

Amanda A Buffalo NY Yelp Review